Shooting for a Pulitzer? Me Too – Starting small though, lol

Hey, all. My name is Edi Marchen, or I should say  that’s my pseudonym as I’ve discovered my name sounds like the offspring of two romance authors or a vampire slayer. Not exactly the image I want for my stories which lean more towards quirky.

I love to write. That should go without saying but it doesn’t. And I’m shooting for that zenith of achievement – no, not publishing – the Pulitzer. Don’t know if I’ll ever make it but what the hell, everyone needs a goal and why stop at just publishing. Why not shoot for the creative moon.

Join me in my writing journey, if you like. I’ll be offering writing tips, although my grammar could use a brush up so take my advice with a bromide – lol. And I’ll be dabbling with writing techniques and experimental stuff. I’ll post some of my writing here for free and offering links for some of the stories I’m selling ( self publishing. ) If you like quirky stuff check it out. I’m a fan of Vonnegut, Nabokov, Francesca Lia Block, Lewis Carroll, Harlan Ellison, Angela Carter and my writing can, at times, reflect these influences.

Stop in and share some of your own writing experiences and tips. I would love to hear from you!


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